Mission and Vision

The mission of the student ministry of Central Baptist Church is to graduate all students with a strong faith in God and the ability to defend that faith against all attacks.

We believe that successfully fulfilling this mission will require the active participation of all stakeholders; church staff, ministry leaders, students, and parents.  We will include these stakeholders in the planning and implementation of a strategy centered around the mission of the church.


  1. Love: We believe a key component in the ability to defend one’s faith with confidence is having a strong spiritual family for support.  We will build biblical community through active mentoring, fellowship events, camp experiences, and retreats.
  2. Grow: We believe that a successful defense of one’s faith begins with confidence in the faith.  We will teach sound biblical doctrine during weekly Bible studies and annual retreats.  We will give our students a chance to challenge their beliefs in a loving environment while also providing them the opportunity to practice defending their faith.
  3. Serve: Service is faith in action.  All believers, regardless of age, are given spiritual gifts at the time of conversion and these gifts are to be used to serve the entire body of believers.  We will provide our students with the opportunity to strengthen their faith by allowing them to serve the church body through their individual spiritual gifts.
  4. Go: The ultimate expression of one’s faith is the ability to share it with others.  We will provide mission opportunities in the local community, the state, and the nation to allow our students to confidently take their faith outside the walls of the church.

We recognize that the ultimate success of this endeavor will be dependent on our dependence on Him.  We will continually seek His wisdom through prayer.  We must grant our students permission to fail, learn, and try again just as our Father grants that permission to us.

If you have questions about the Student Ministry @ Central, email Robert Tatum – rtatum@centralwendell.org

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