Sunday Services

9:00AM (Building B) & 10:30AM (Building A)

Our Outstanding Ministry Team Is Here To Assist Families In Laying A Spiritual Foundation For Your Children To Lead To Their Salvation.

Our Goal Is To Partner With Parents In Their Efforts To Lay Strong Spiritual Foundations In The Lives Of Their Children. 

Our Preschool Ministry is a vibrant and fun atmosphere in which preschoolers learn scriptural concepts about God, Jesus, church, Bible, self, family,  others, and God’s creation.  Bible Study teachers are equipped to creatively lead preschoolers through activity-based experiences that begin to shape their young minds about who God is.  Games and activities and  many hands-on experiences help  preschoolers to learn about Jesus’  love for the world around them.


  • 9:00AM Preschool Ministry   (Bldg A - Preschool Suite)
    Preschool Ministry teaches age-appropriate Bible lessons by committed, caring and excited teachers.  
  • 10:30AM Preschool Worship   (Bldg A - Preschool Suite)
    Bible stories come to life as teachers incorporate games, crafts and activities into the lessons.  


  • 6:30PM Preschool Discipleship (Bldg A - Preschool Suite)
    Preschoolers learn about Jesus through games and activities.  

Please email Jenny Price for more information at for any questions you may have.

We're Excited About Getting To Know And Your Family.  In The Central Children's Ministry, Our Mission Is To Glorify God By Partnering With Parents To Faithfully Teach The Gospel And Demonstrate The Love Of Christ To All Children So That They Will Become Disciples Of Christ Who Trust, Serve, Worship, And Obey Him.


  • 9:00AM Kids' Ministry (Bldg A - Room 115)

         Central Kids will include games, prayer requests and the Bible lesson for the day.

  • 10:30AM Kids' Ministry (Bldg A - Room 115)

        Kids’ Worship is filled with large group praise & worship, music videos, activities, and the biblical concept for the day. 


  • 6:00PM Kids' Ministry (Bldg A - Gym)

    Central Kids are given the opportunity to get their wiggles out through creative movement or recreation in the gym.  

  • 6:30PM Kids' Ministry (Bldg A - Room 115)
    Central Kids engage in discipleship through various books of the Bible and topical studies.

Please email Evette Orcutt at for any questions you may have.