Sunday Services

9:00AM (Building B) & 10:30AM (Building A)


In light of COVID 19 restrictions, to this point we have currently suspended "in person" music instruction.  However we are preparing for a return to in person sessions starting September 1, 2020.

We feel that a focus on music education has only been heightened in its importance during this pandemic with the various therapeutic advantages of playing an instrument, so we continue to offer sessions throughout this time in an online format.  As soon as it is viable, we will return to the studios for in person sessions.   


As we prepare for in person sessions this Fall, we will be applying the following policies to keep our studio and all our patrons safe:

  • All instructors will have mandatory temperature checks before beginning their sessions each day.
  • We will provide "touchless" temperature checks for each student.
  • We will wipe down door knobs and instrument areas with antibacterial cleaners before and in between sessions.  
  • We will maintain social distancing for teachers and students.  
  • Instructors will wear masks &/or face shields until/unless it is important to demonstrate a technique that requires a visualization.  At this point we will switch to face shields and continue social distancing.  
  • We would ask parents/students to let us know of any illness within the family, or if they have contracted the illness before sessions, so that rescheduling can occur until it is safe to return to regularly scheduled sessions.  Students will not be charged for sessions missed because of contracting the COVID disease or because of a family member contracting the virus.  We will seek to continue sessions if possible online during the time of the student's quarantine.  
  • The current plan is to offer drums, guitar, piano & violin when we reopen, and then evaluate vocal instruction in person on a case by case basis with face shields.  For example, we may be able to do vocal instruction in person with use of plexiglass shields across the room and face shields on both instructor and singer.  
  • All plans will be subject to change by government officials and by the Academy for the sake of the safety of our students and staff.  

Thank you for your continued interest and patience with us as we work through these vital issues during a difficult season.  Our encouragement to you is this: Keep singing, and don't stop the music!