Central Weekday Preschool in Wendell, NC opened in 2010. The primary goal has always been to teach children about the amazing love of God. This is accomplished best when children and families feel that love through the warm, caring staff who have each committed their lives to Christ Jesus. Providing foundational learning skills to help each child grow is also a vital part of preschool at Central Weekday Preschool.
Central Academy exists to build musicians who can use their talents and gifts to bless their families and communities with musical skills that will last a lifetime.  We believe that music is a gift from God to soothe the spirit and express our hearts to God and one another.  We also are convinced that music plays an important part in a well rounded education, and has proven scientific benefits for brain development.  
We offer music training in a variety of musical disciplines including voice, piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, stringed instruments and brass instruments.  The academy began in 2016 and meets on the property of Central Baptist Church.  

Central Sports Academy

Our Central Sports Academy strives to facilitate a healthy recreation environment for our community. We use our recreation ministry as a tool to help the community have a safe location for exercise, sports, and events.  Our facilities are used weekly for pickleball, basketball, dance, fitness, etc.