Find a Life Group


A Life Group is a small group of 10-20 people who gather to grow in their walk with Christ. This is a special time of making new friends and fellowship with old friends.

Life Groups are  time with God,  His Word,  prayer, sharing life, and caring for each other.

Life Groups are open to those exploring faith in Christ and to believers "working out" their faith.

They meet on Sundays and throughout the week. Finding a Life Group is one of the best ways you can connect at Central.  We encourage to visit a few groups and see which is the best fit for you in your stage of life. 


Men of the Word  |  Sun 9:00 am

Men Intergenerational

Rob Lee & Ben Fallen

Wisdom Seekers  |  Sun 9:00 am

HS Parents & 40's & 50's Adults

Wiley Brantley & Daniel Arnold

Women of the Word  |  Sun 9:00 am

Women Intergenerational

Abby Linton

Hinnant-Johnson  |  Sun 9:00 am

Senior Adults

Rosie Roberts & Gregg Quinn

Kingdom Seekers  |  Sun 9:00 am

HS Parents & 40's & 50's Adults

Cornerstone  |  Sun 9:00 am

Empty Nesters

Dale Woodard

Mart Yeager

Kingdom Crusaders  |  Sun 9:00 am

40's & 50's Parents

Donnie & Wendy Richardson 

Faith Discovery |  Sun 10:30 am

Empty Nesters

Chuck Franks

Christian Friends   |  Sun 10:30 am

Senior Adults

Kathy Hess

Mentality  |  Tues 6:30 pm

Men's Bible Study

Joe Favara

1 Corinthians 2:5   |  Wed 6:30 am

High School Parents & 40's & 50's Adults

Jeff Germain

Parent Connect  |  Wed 6:30 pm

Young Parents & 20's & 30's Adults

The Bissettes, Lees, & Orcutts

Central Alive!|  Monday 6:30 pm

Young Adults - 20's & 30's 

A Next Gen Collective Pursuing Christ

Feeding the Soul   |  Thurs 6:30 am


Joe & Brenna Favara

Transforming Hearts |  Thurs 6:30 pm

Empty Nesters

David & Carol Loftis

Central Life Groups